What are the Best Free Date Ideas in 2021?

The honeymoon phase is the best part of any relationship, especially when you spend all that money on nice dinners and expensive getaways! But what happens when that money soon runs out and now you are stuck with growing card debt and a date that still wants to see you regularly? Well you decided to google search “Best Free Date Ideas” – on an incognito browser of course, and hope that our handy blog can give you a few pointers on what types of dates are zero cost and 1000% percent great vibes! Now we are kidding, it is nothing to be ashamed of to want to look for free date ideas, in fact some of the ones we will mention here are pretty interesting and are sure to be much more fun than any other moderately expensive date night. So here are 10 of the Best Free Date Ideas! 


A simple walk in the park

Now this may seem like the most Boomer thing to do but for a free date you can never go wrong with the ultimate classic of a walk in the park with your crush or your date. Holding hands, laughing at the people passing you by, quaking back at the ducks calling you out, these are the moments that would make even Woody Allen blush. Never underestimate the power of a walk in the park. 

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Who does not love a good hug from a doggo? Truth be told, not only would this be a great bonding moment for you and your date, but it would also help you both in building your teamwork and cooperation skills with one another! 

Go to the mall/shops and window shop

If you are both feeling a bit playful and are both in the same mindset that you will not be buying anything, then going to the mall/shops could be a fun way to both see what your date is interested in, and also maybe try on some funny outfits! It is a great way to just spend time with your date and not have to carry any shopping bags home. 

Go to a free museum

There are plenty of museums that are free in certain towns, and as long as you are respectful inside, then why not go and look at some paintings and pretend to know the significance of each piece. Also maybe wear some sunglasses indoors and you will both look extra cool. 

Simple walk downtown

Again, you would not be spending any money and this would be a free date, so again there would be no need to go into any restaurant or bar. Just the simple fact of not having any pressure to spend any money on or with your date would be a relief. 

Look for free concerts

For some reason, some artists do in fact put out free concerts. Why? Who knows, maybe for the love of art, but thank goodness because this would be the perfect free date! A simple google search should do, or maybe a big park in your local area may have posters of the event. 

Go to the public library and pretend to be literate

What screams out more free date than quietly sneaking through the public library and checking out some books for each other and daring one another to finish it in a week? Corny? Yes very much and very 80s but hey this is still the honeymoon phase right? This type of stuff is still acceptable. 

Visit a friend

Yea that simple. Go to a friend’s place, crash it, and bring your date along. If the friend is extra cool maybe they will invite you and your date some drinks. Nothing screams out more victory than a free date that ends with good friends and free drinks! Please don’t do this on the first date though, big nono.

Bike riding through the park or the city

Hopefully both of you know how to ride a bike though and both have access to a bike, because if you live in Amsterdam, then yea maybe that free bike date might not end up being that free. However, if you both have bikes, then it is a great way to just ride around the city and parks and get to know one another better, all while not spending a dime! 

Ye Ol’ Hiking Trail Date

The most typical response on all dating apps, but also one of the most fun activities to do with a date. However, we do not recommend going on a hiking trail on a first date, maybe on a second or third one instead, just to be sure of who the person really is. Once you do get going on a hiking trail, do remember to maybe bring water, sunscreen, and a phone with portrait mode, you will use that last one a lot. 


So those are 10 of the Best Free Date ideas that we could think of. We hope you enjoyed this list and it is now safe to close that incognito browser and go surprise your date with your brilliant new free date idea! Don’t worry we won’t tell your date that you got this info from us 😉 Have fun saving money and enjoy life! 


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