What are the Best Dating Blogs of 2021?

Our 7 Best Dating Blogs for 2021 hand picked to give you the best insights and info on dating, relationships and the single life. Of course that’s what we here at Best Dating Info are here for but it never hurts to get a second (or Third) opinion.  See what other angles people are coming from or maybe even check a niche that we don’t cover in as much detail her on BDI.


Best Dating blog from the best dating app

Klik Dating app has been on the scene since 2017 with a unique take on the dating app industry. While apps like Tinder focus on quantity over quality or other gimmicks to try and speed up the matching process. Klik uses it’s unique 3 question quiz system based on Icebreaker questions (for fun ways to get to know each other) and Dealbreaker questions (to make sure you agree on the important things). This makes the matching process a little slower and gives you a fun way to find more compatible matches that just looks. To complement their app klik has been updating their blog twice a week since launch with the best dating advice around. Focusing on first dates, single life and general dating tips they even have a section on Isodating for those shielding or social distancing. Some of their key topics include “Why do guys ghost” and “Online dating questions to ask her” check out the full dating app blog here.


Best Dating Blog for Date Ideas

The guys over at Date Makers know a thing or two about date ideas, it’s what they do! Carefully curating date ideas for any budget they select the best and most interesting unique dates so you don’t have to. What’s even better about Date Makers is not only do they have the best ideas they have also negotiated a discount for you as well. For just £14.99 per year you can save between 10 and 50% on every date. So if your seeing someone for a while (or just getting out there regularly) you will be saving money in no time.


Best Dating Blog for Christians

Christian Connections is an award wining dating site for single Christians looking to date and their blog reflects that quality and focus. With 20 years of experience in the Christian dating sector there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share. The Christians connections dating blog is updated weekly with new topics, tackling everything from real life and online dating. They focus on trending topics in the dating scene as well as seasonal advice for Valentine’s day, Christmas etc. , they tackle some of the important topics and dilemmas around faith and modern dating but they also have just great relationship advice for anyone looking for a happy and healthy dating life.


Best Dating Blog for Muslims

The team behind Muzmatch have a great perspective for modern Muslim dating and their blog is choc full of not just sound advice, but also some fantastic culinary ideas for winning your partners affection and adoration. The blog focuses on a few main areas, relationships, lifestyle, community and their ever growing list of success stories. The success stories are a great inspiration for other Muslims who are looking for love and marriage on and offline and make for a heart warming read. They also tackle some of the more difficult discussions around modern Muslim in the “Community” section of their dating blog. If you are a Muslim looking for the best dating blog advice online we strongly recommend Muzmatch.


Best Dating Blog for Men

Celebrity Dating Guru James Preece probably writes the most best men’s dating blogs in the UK. Although only updated once a month James has a wealth of experience as an award winning dating coach and his blog is a treasure trove of useful information and insights. Although Jamie does write advice for all genders he has some amazing content for men and his insight as a man helps give his blog a unique perspective in an industry dominated by women’s dating blogs. Another interesting feature as well as the blog is that James will also help you choose a dating agency that is right for you and that offers a quality standard of service. Check out our best dating blog recommendation for men here:


Best Dating Blog for Women

Hayley Quinn has probably one of the best dating blogs for women out there (though she does also run a dating blog for men as well). Her video blog made waves with some great fun pieces when she tested a blonds V brunettes theory in real life (see the results here) and she has built a great reputation as a dating coach. Her philosophy is to teach people to learn to love dating – after all it can be a lot of fun as well as a great way to meet the love of your life. As well as her dating blog she offers a dating bootcamp and home help video educational packages.



Best Dating Blogg for App users

Hey Saturday specialises in professional dating app profile photography so they know a thing or two about how to look your best on a dating app/site. Their fun and light-hearted blog covers all the best dating advice on how to look good for an app but also how to act as well. Their dating blog gives some great at home tips for maximising your chances of getting the right matches by showing your best you and avoiding common pitfalls. If you want to take things up a level reach out to them for a photo shoot that will make you standout from the pack whilst still looking natural and real.