What Are The Best Dating App Profile Tips?

Listen, we know you’re on the hunt for the best dating app profile tips. However, no matter how many tips we give you for your profile on your trusted dating app, you will never get as many likes as a woman’s profile. The reason? Men are not as picky when swiping, but women are, and that’s the reason why many guys are left without a single match. The profile is everything to succeed in Dating Apps, it is the first impression and if we fail with that, there is no second chance. So pay attention to the following tips and avoid falling into the mistakes that many users make. Be yourself and succeed this year.

No selfies (and less with sunglasses)

According to our research, women consider that selfies of men are not attractive at all. At this point it is recommended that they have full-body photos, where they can be appreciated well and that it is not the typical guy photo in which they are seen from a higher angle while smiling awkwardly or while you make a “tough guy” face. Full-body photos let them see your fashion sense (which they take into account) so forget about selfies.

No photos with a car or motorcycle

Do you want to look the same as all the other men on any dating app? If not, forget about the classic photo on a motorcycle or in the driver’s seat. The problem is not that you drive money, but that you try to show off on a site where everyone has such a photo.

No photos with your ex

Do we have to explain this? It makes no sense at all for you to upload photos with other women unless they are friends (which in fact can sometimes be confusing).

Short biography

For both men and women, it looks boring and cringe to have a long bio. These are people who take the term biography very literally and want to write everything about their life. Sure, it can help us know if a person will interest us, but they are usually annoying and it shows a clear narcissism. It looks better on a man. Keep it mysterious. It’s more effective.

No profiles without a photo or with less than three

A profile without a photo is for men who are not confident to show their face. Putting less than three photos is a sign of the same thing. The conclusion they come to? The guy is ugly and insecure. Upload more photos, look for angles that suit you or just be yourself. If you’re chubby, don’t try to hide it with just two photos of your face. You wouldn’t want it done to you, so avoid misleading photos.

Be honest

Be honest and increase your chances of finding someone who is looking for what you want and avoid awkward conversation starters. If you are one of those who says “I don’t like this and that”, you will come across as negative. That’s why we insist: keep your bio short and straight to the point.

Don’t put on your profile “no stuck-up women”.

Dude, if she doesn’t want to answer you, she doesn’t want to answer you. Period. That doesn’t make her a bad person, she just saw you, didn’t like you and prefers to move on with her life. Saying “no stuck up women” shows that you can’t tolerate rejection, and you think anyone will be attracted to that? Avoid it.


There you go, these tips for your profile on your trusted dating app will be more than enough for you to start being more successful on any platform. Besides that, be honest, show your face, don’t pretend to be better than you are. Show yourself simply and smile in the photos.