Should I Date a TikToker?

So you’re talking to this cute new bae and you are really digging the vibe you two have going. There is one slight issue, they are on TikTok. You question whether you would you date tiktoker. Is this something that you should be concerned about or do you think of it will have no effect whatsoever on your relationship with them? It is a normal feeling to have considering that Tik Tok is such a new platform 

Well it’s a very hard question to answer in all honesty, and the reason is mostly that many people seek different things in partners. As well, many partners are sometimes willing to accept certain things from their partners. The most important thing here of course would be how does your new crush’s behaviour on the app affect you individually, or in the relationship? Let’s take a look at some reasons whether you should date a tiktoker.


Are they shit-posting or are they being serious about their content?

This is the simplest question to ask yourself, because it is as simple as if they are simply posting memes, funny videos of their cats, gameplay from their favorite video game, reposting funny stolen videos from their gallery, or random videos of their environment. If they are doing any of the above, then they are probably just shit posting to have a general good time and laugh with either random strangers or all their friends on Tik Tok as well.

However if they are serious about their content and either deem it important because they are trying to build a personal brand, a company brand, or they are trying to bring awareness to an activist topic, then it is a very different case. It is very easy for someone who is shit-posting online to not take their media presence seriously, but someone who does indeed have an invested interest in their content, will be completely different. And in truth, if you do care about this person, then you will want to support their goals. So be aware of what type of content they are posting on their Tik Tok. P.S. It is also very possible that shit-posters value their shit-posting content, so be prepared to face that reality as well. 


Do they really value the reaction to their posts?

If they are constantly checking to see how many views and likes their every Tik Tok gets, then yes, it is very likely that they highly value their content. Can this become an obsession? Well, it depends if it can be controllable. People that are too prone to receiving likes on social mediaare in constant need of external validation. So be aware that this constant checkup on their likes does not become an obsession. 


Are they becoming obsessive over the app and their presence within it?

This goes back to the previous topic of are they constantly checking their stats to make sure they are getting better everyday. However, it is a slippery slope. Are they interested in their numbers just for the fun of it, are they interested because they are building their personal brand or a company brand? Any obsession is bad, because it means a sacrifice of something in order to achieve something else, so even if their obsession could be to build a business, is this an obsession you would like to see in a partner? And if the person is trying to build a personal brand, is this obsession something that would be healthy for the relationship? 


Bonus: What is a personal brand?

Is a personal brand something that can actually be quantified or given any value; a corporation can be valued and found to be valuable, so why can’t a personal brand? But then again what is a personal brand and what is it useful for? In short form; if you are someone who plans to have an active role in society, activism, politics, press, marketing, or media, then yes a personal brand is important. But if your partner is not planning on doing anything with their “personal brand”, then is it a brand at all? Is that word just an excuse for them just wanting “attention”? 


Do they post content that your grandma may not want to see, and if so why are they doing so?

Are they posting things like semi-nudes or very obvious eye candy? This can either be Tik Toks where they are posing in front of the mirror,twerk dances, very close up stretches, muscle flexes, booty shots, defined jawline angles, intense camera stares, or even just a smile and a wink to the camera. Now many of these would be appropriate for your grandma to see! but would it not make sense that some of these would be sent to you, and not published on a social media platform like Tik Tok? And if your first reaction to that sentence is to scough and say, “they have every right to do what they want” you are correct, everyone has the right to do what they want with their body and their social media presence.

But first ask yourself this question before, “are they doing it because they want to or are they doing it because they feel they need to validate themselves with the world?” Do not get us wrong, validation and kind words are always nice from people, but they are always better when they come from someone you know, or has meaning to you in your life. If people want validation or praise for their looks, GO FOR IT, all power to you, get that serotonin rush, but you the reader, are you okay with dating someone that has that validation need? If there is one of course.  


Does it make you uncomfortable that they are very active on Tik Tok?

And finally the most simple of all the questions but also the hardest. While analyzing all these traits, does it bother you that they are on Tik Tok that much? Does your partner having such a prominent Tik Tok presence bother you? Do their numerous likes bother you? Does their content bother you? Do they have many people sliding into their DMs, and does that bother you; were you one of them? 


We really do hope your relationship prospers and if you do date a TikToker maybe in the future you can make Tik Toks together! And if you do decide to go on a date, but want to cancel, we’ve got the perfect advice for you