19 Most Revealing Questions In Online Dating

19 Most Revealing Questions In Online Dating

Using dating apps is sometimes a bit monotonous. All that boring small talk “hey”, “hey”, “how are you”, “good” etc. etc. is just not the way to go about it. You want to get to know these people? Their likes and dislikes, to see if you’re compatible? Well, here are 19 revealing questions to ask whilst online dating:


  1. What makes you laugh?

A good, similar sense of humour is critical for all functioning relationships. A good sense of humour is subjective. Some people love dry, sarcastic humour, and other people don’t have a sense of humour. It’s that simple. (Joking, all senses of humour matter!) What I’m getting at is finding someone with a compatible sense of humour is essential. If you can make them laugh and vice-versa, you’re sure to have a very strong and healthy relationship


  1. What are the most important things in life?

This is quite vague and open, BUT you can learn a lot about what people value. Values are so important. Having similar ones to your other half will make life much easier when making tough decisions, like, for example, what breed of dog you’ll get.


  1. What’s your dream job?

This question can highlight how ambitious the other person is. Ambition is sexy right? It also allows you to get to know a bit more about what they do and their future goals.

This also leads into the next question you can ask…


  1. What are you passionate about?

Much like values and ambition, asking about passions is also really important whilst online dating. Primarily, you can learn about what makes the other person happy, what they enjoy doing outside of work – what makes life worth living for them. Also, it’s great ammo for future present buying. If you know they’re passionate about art, for example, you know you can buy them paints, canvases, art lessons etc. And hopefully, one day… you will become… their passion. Awwwwww. Gross.


  1. Have you got any pets? If yes, please send photos.

 I mean, who doesn’t love pets? I don’t think this needs too much explanation.


  1. If you had to make me your favourite drink, what would it be?

A drink (alcoholic or not) says a lot about a person.

But if they say a Smirnoff Ice, it might be best to move on…


  1. If you had to cook me dinner, what would you cook?

Food is the way to most people’s hearts right?

Also, it puts the suggestion of inviting you round to theirs, which is never a bad thing, right! Well, I guess it depends what they say they’re going to cook…


  1. What would you do with £1,000,000?

Money, money, money! Knowing what someone would do with £1,000,000 is interesting, and can further identify what he or she truly values.


  1. Have you got any dating dealbreakers?

Definitely one of the most revealing questions in online dating! It’s good to know early whether or not you’re compatible with someone, so maybe it’s a good idea to just straight up ask about their dealbreakers. What gives them the ick? What’s their number one thing that turns them off completely?  It’s good to know, so you can avoid!!


  1. Would you rather go back in time or forward in time?

You can tell so much about someone depending on whether they’d prefer to go forwards or backwards in time. Right? Wrong. BUT it’s a great conversation starter, and something different to the norm. PLUS so much better than asking how the weather is where they are.


  1. What’s your favourite meme at the moment?

I’ll be honest, don’t send this question like it’s written. You’ll sound like an undercover police officer. But having a strong meme game is kind of important. Much like the sense of humour question, getting on the same level with your memes is a great way to make online dating conversations more fun. Change My Mind. (That was a meme joke) (if you didn’t get it then we’re not compatible.)


  1. Have you got any party tricks?

So this question can go a couple of ways. Their party trick can either be great, or they can do magic. If they do magic, avoid. No one wants to date someone who can make themselves disappear. BUT sometimes, they’re really impressive (like that one person who is just amazing at impressions), and you’ll find out their quirky skills!


  1. What music do you like?

Music taste, for some people, is a huge deal. For the music head out there, being able to share the music you love with someone else and get a positive reaction can be a big relationship boost.


  1. Are you religious?

For some people, this is a massive dealbreaker. And that’s fine. It’s better to get it out in the open, and if it is going to be an issue for either party, then you can move on.


  1. Favourite Netflix series?

Now that we’re on the topic of Netflix, I recommend watching the series Dark; it’s the best German TV series about time travel and multiple dimensions that’s ever been made.


  1. What’s the worst/best job you’ve ever had?

There’s a chance here that you’ll both be able to bond over shared good or bad work experiences. The bad experience is normally the funniest to discuss (i.e. if you ever worked in a bar, there was always that ONE customer who was just awful, but it is funny to look back on now)


  1. Labour or Conservative?

Uh-oh. The ‘P’ word. Politics. Well, it’s important for some people and is rooted in values. People on either side of the political aisle have different values so may not be so compatible. It’s always good to know where someone stands politically, it can stir a bit of friendly debate, more conversation and ultimately you get to know each other better.


  1. What’s your ideal first date? (Remember to take notes!)

Remember to have a pen and paper out for this one. Because everything they tell you, you know you’ll have to replicate on your dates!


  1. If we could fly anywhere tomorrow, where would you want to go?

Are you a city breaker or more of a beach holiday-er? Backpacking or all-inclusive hotel experience? Europe? North America? South America? Australia? Skegness? There are SO many options. This question is great because there’s no wrong answer if you don’t want to go to the same place, it means you have two new places to visit!

And a bonus for the revealing questions in online dating, because ending at 19 did nothing for my OCD…


  1. If you could invite any five people (Dead or alive) to a dinner party, who would you invite?

A classic question, and a great conversation starter. It’s so open and you can learn so much about who the other person idolises, and essentially what they’re really into. Who knows, maybe you both want to invite the same people around and it makes you realise you’re a perfect match?