sugar daddy

Reasons why you shouldn’t have a sugar daddy

1) They might emotionally offload onto you

Being a sugar baby is not only supposed to be a positive experience in your life but is supposed to be mutually beneficial to both parties; meaning that the relationship should always be pleasant for both parties at all times. However, sometimes some sugar daddies try a blur the lines by offloading their emotional baggage onto you. This is when it stops being fun. It’s not fun to deal with your own problems let alone someone else’s. And having to constantly deal with that can start to take a toll on your overall mood.

2) Might not get along

What some people fail to forget is that different people have different opinions. However it can be very intensified when your core opinions differ to your sugar daddy’s. For instance if you’re a strong supporter of LGBT rights and he’s completely against it. Your relationship could be rocky due to the fact he might come out with things that anger. And trigger you which could lead to arguments. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, having a sugar daddy is supposed to be a positive experience, you came to be spoiled and treated like a queen, not to argue and add stress into your life.

3) Poor in the bedroom

If you’re the type that doesn’t mind giving sugar to the sugar daddy, be prepared for some disappointment if he’s old man. If you’re lucky, you can meet a good looking wealthy sugar daddy in his 30’s that performs amazing in bed. However, that is very rare and most of the sugar daddies that are available that will be able to spoil you financially are in their 60s. Meaning they might not be that attractive and will have a hard time performing well. Or even just performing in the bedroom. If this doesn’t sound good to you then I don’t think you should get a sugar daddy.

4) Can get annoying

A lot of the time when a sugar daddy is looking for a sugar baby it is because he is lonely. This can lead to him constantly wanting your attention everyday. This can sometimes get draining because you got a sugar daddy to be spoiled. And to have all the benefits of a relationship without the relationship. Some people might get lucky and get one that is very chill. And might not text as much or expect too many phone calls. But most likely you’ll get one that can want to establish a connection with you so much that it just becomes needy. This can lead to you want to end the relationship altogether. Because no one wants to deal with that even from someone you love let alone an older man that you don’t even have feelings for; it just sounds draining.

5) Unreliable

As I said previously, you might get a sugar daddy that is way too clinging and expects all of your time and attention and will therefor do things for you. However sometimes it can be more annoying if it’s the other way round! Sometimes you might get a sugar daddy that is quite busy or puts a lot of things. Before you which can lead him to become very unreliable with you. For example he might plan a date with you and then cancel last minute. Because ‘something’s come up’ or he might say he’s going to pay for something and then doesn’t bother to do it. It can become incredibly frustrating for you because it then doesn’t become mutually beneficial.