sugar daddy

Reasons why you should have a sugar daddy

1) Money

9/10 money is a stress in a lot of people’s lives especially when you haven’t got that much of it. This is why having a sugar daddy can be a great option! You won’t have to worry about your rent or phone bill needing to be paid because (if you find a good sugar daddy) that will be paid for you. Sugar daddies want you around because of your personality but undoubtedly for your looks too so expenses like hair, makeup, waxing, nails and other beauty products will never have to be worried about because he will be happy enough to pay for that because it benefits him too.

2) Gifts

Rent and other necessary bills being paid are huge benefit as well as a relief when having a sugar daddy, however, another benefit that is also favored are the excess gifts that you will receive! Sugar daddy’s love treating their sugar babies to gifts! Most commonly it is expensive jewelry of your choice, (what I’ve noticed is a lot of sugar daddy’s love to take sugar babies to tiffany’s!), luxurious food, flowers and clothes that compliment your skin and your body type! They love to see you happy so they will normally give you that happiness through the best way they can…gifts! And who doesn’t love that?

3) Travel

This is defiantly one of my most favourite reasons to get a sugar daddy. Travel. If you’re a sugar baby then you are most likely in your 20s to mid 30s meaning you probably haven’t had a chance to travel that much outside of your country. That will all change once you have a sugar daddy! Everyone loves to travel and see beautiful destinations so he’ll 100% like to do that with you by his side. Also you’ll be able to stay in beautiful houses on during your stay. And, have high quality food and make tons of memories. Some common places are the Caribbean and Thailand but I’m sure if you request a place he’ll more than happy to take you (This is normally the rich rich sugar daddies).

4) Friends with benefits to the best degree

Do you feel that you don’t want a relationship right now but, but you still want a sex life? You should consider getting a sugar daddy who can give you that and more materially! Just so you know, not all sugar daddies have to be 1000+ years old, you can get really wealthy sugar daddies in their 30s. So if you’re in your late 20s, there really isn’t much of a difference. So you won’t have to worry about attraction factor not coming into play. Also if they have a lot of money 9/10 they are going to look after themselves too. And, everyone knows that great hygiene and a nice after shave goes a long way!

5) Freedom

As I previously mentioned before, when you have a sugar daddy, you get the best possible friends with benefits. But you also, still have your freedom to go and do what you like, and when you’re young and beautiful, that is priceless! I know for girls in their 20’s-30’s freedom is an important thing to have. Having all of your bills paid and others necessities paid for can allow you that freedom! You can still work and save up your own money whilst these are being paid for which can help you in the future. To pay for important things like putting a deposit down on a house! So go for it!