Profile Photography

Getting your photos right is THE most important thing you can do to improve your chances of getting matches on dating apps and in our experience most of you, especially the guys, are not helping yourselves.  Enter the professionals!

Profile Photography, or Portrait Photography has always been one of the essential types of photography. It has been a style of photography used as long as the medium has existed mostly for documentation purposes in its earliest iterations. However, over its evolution, as with all art forms, it began to become more experimental and figurative rather than completely literal.

In the modern world profile/portrait photography has remained an essential photography style, and with online profiles for all parts of human life now becoming a standard it’s only become more important. Whether these are portraits that one needs for work purposes, LinkedIn, or vanity shot for social media the uses of them seem endless….and yet so many of you are making basic mistakes in your dating profiles! From wearing sunglasses in every shot, to too many group photos, awkward selfies, mirror shots featuring a public toilet as your accompaniment (why?), attempting to pull off smouldering and brooding but just looking sinister the same mistakes are seen time and time again!

Luckily for you one company that has changed the face of modern profile/portrait photography – Hey Saturday. They are a great small company whose focus is on “creating online dating photos with personality”. They take clients out on to their local streets and take outstanding portraits of them for their dating profiles. Showing off their clients in their best and truest light, clients will bring a variety of clothing and items that help fully represent their character and the team at Hey Saturday will do the rest. Your profile photos will hit that perfect sweet spot, capturing you at your very best without looking like your showcasing the portfolio you send to GQ/Vogue every month!