Love Island 2021 & Relationship Management

So we’re finally here, the final week of Love Island 2021. Nearly two months of flirting, awkward messy tasks, 🔥 firepit chats, not enough sun cream and moving mad. 

The Love Island 2021 cast has definitely learnt a lot with some making more progress than others. Toby and Chloe have completed almost two series worth of relationship flip-flopping. Meanwhile, the longest-running couple, Jake and Liberty, (or Jiberty as they like to be known) have nearly gone all the way through a relationship and out the other end single. 

It’s important to bear in mind that the pressures these relationships are under are different to any other. All relationships are individual in how they develop, how long they take to develop and what they develop into. 

Communication is EVERYTHING

The eternal truth. If communication isn’t the way it should be in your relationship then you will find out sooner rather than later. You can only tell if someone is genuine in a relationship and if it really has legs if you communicate effectively. 

Not everyone communicates the same way

Now this is where things get interesting. In the early stages of a relationship, like on Love Island, working out how the person you’re dating/seeing/hanging out with/chatting to likes to communicate and also likes to be communicated with is so important. Some people are way better at communicating verbally but actually prefer to be communicated with physically, ie hugs and lightly affectionate physical interactions. Others prefer gifts (whatever shape or size) or alternatively acts of service like getting someone a drink or food. For further reading into this look into the 5 Love Languages. 

Patience in communication

It goes without saying that learning to communicate best with someone isn’t a quick or easy challenge.  In the Jake and Liberty scenario (if you’re willing to believe Jakes story) it took him a few extra weeks of consideration and a kick up the bum from Liberty to be able to express how he truly felt about her.

The level of patience is entirely up to the couple though, there really is no right answer for how much or little patience someone should show with someone if they simply aren’t getting it. 

Don’t be afraid of tough conversations

Whilst some conversations in a relationship are harder than others all are learning experiences. Not all tough conversations need to be seen as negative, rather an opportunity to grow. Use these conversational opportunities are chances to figure out where you stand and what you can work on. Not only will your relationship likely improve but you will also know how to act in future situations. 


Once again Love Island relationships aren’t the true benchmark to base any relationship on. But there’s definitely examples of interactions to consider in a real-world setting.