interracial dating

Interracial dating? Here’s what not to do.

Those damn butterflies, they can land us in real trouble sometimes. Interracial dating feels exciting, doesn’t it? But it can go very wrong very fast if you’re dating the wrong person.

Lucky for you, we’ve put a list together of all the things you should avoid doing if you’re into interracial dating.

Zero room for fetish

People who love you for you are the only people you need to consider when you think about dating. If someone is with you because of how exotic you look, then that’s a big no-no and never ends well for anyone involved. You have to be their partner, not their obsession. When in an interracial relationship, you should see whether your partner is more interested in your personality or if they’re more excited by the colour of your skin. The writing is often on the wall, and most people just don’t want to read it.

Don’t be a secret

Do they seem to be really into you but won’t bring you around family and friends? Hate to break this to you, but you aren’t an interracial couple. You’re just a secret. If they can’t let you into the more meaningful parts of their lives, then it’s best to move on and not waste your time.

People who can’t be proud of the person they are dating are not people that should stick around, ever. So follow our advice and move toward greener pastures, ones that don’t mind introducing you to their mom, for example.

Meeting family too soon

It’s one thing to not meet the family at all, it’s another to do it too soon. It takes time before any couple is on the right kind of wavelength, enough for them to be able to meet the parents and the siblings. But if it happens too soon, you may be setting yourself up for failure. If you’re the person pushing for this: stop. If you’re the person being pushed into this: say no. There are zero good reasons to rush the meeting with one’s family.

You’re not a statement

Does it feel like they’re only dating you to prove a point? For all the wrong reasons, little things and statements can really stand out if someone is going out with you. Sometimes we’re so swept up by the attention we get that we don’t notice where the attention is coming from.

Watch how they describe and talk about you, and the truth will make itself obvious (and hopefully set you free!).

The race in interracial dating

Does it feel awkward to talk about how different you two are? Do you spend a good amount of time avoiding the topic because your “feelings are enough”? Let us stop you right there. Talking about race is never a problem; introducing stereotypes into the conversation is the main issue. Celebrate your differences instead of pretending they don’t exist. Anyone interested in interracial dating will benefit greatly from communication with their partner – but this is true of any relationship.