Feral Girl Summer

What is Feral Girl Summer? It’s a TikTok trend that’s been doing the rounds, but most people associate it with Hot Girl Summer, another trend, of course, without realising how different the two are. For starters, let us correct you if you think this is another trend telling women to find a way to be hot and take the world by the horns. If anything, this is the antithesis of the Hot Girl Summer trend itself.

So what does Feral Girl Summer actually entail? It tells you that you should ignore what the world is telling you to do in order to have the best summer, and just stick to the things that make you happy. Look inside you to find the most “you” version of yourself, and then stick to it.

Unfortunately, this has been interpreted to mean that women should stop taking showers, eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and embrace their horniness.

The trend is letting single women tell the world to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and feel liberated by refusing to acknowledge societal pressures that make them do things a certain way. Despite making waves in 2022, the idea of Feral Girl Summer is actually not new. If anything, it came almost instantly when Hot Girl Summer hit our collective consciousness.

It’s also ironic that Hot Girl Summer hit when there was a literal pandemic in the swing and women actually had no real way to go and be their hottest selves. On the other hand, much of the world has reopened now, including the United Kingdom, and Feral Girl Summer is just settling in.

Unlike Hot Girl Summer, Feral Girl Summer has nothing to do with landing dates. It’s more about leaving women to their own devices so that they can love and accept themselves.

It may not be for everyone, but we’re here for Feral Girl Summer, and we hope the trend actually manages to do more than just let women avoid taking showers – we hope it truly helps them get in touch with their inner self.

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