There are so many ways to insult someone, but this one word is turning into one of our favourites. Have you been called “Cheugy”? Did you think it was a funny word? Well, if you were confused, we’re here to help you figure out what the word means.

Effectively, the term has found its space in the current consciousness because of TikTok trends. Someone who acts “cheugy” can be called a cheug. Here’s how to figure out if you fall into this category:

  • They are people who are categorised as millennials.
  • They are people who got married young and now indulge in old people’s trends that make them feel young. Think girl boss t-shirts and mom jeans.
  • Some people think that someone who is “basic” can also be classified as a cheug.
  • Someone who is on trend, but the trends are obsolete.
  • They can seem to be the exact opposite of hipsters.
  • They probably like Nickelback.

All about cheugy

If you are thinking of how to pronounce chéugy, then fret no more. The word is funny looking for sure, but it isn’t that hard to actually say. Just say chew and follow that up with gee.

People aren’t solely the targets of the word. If anything, it has a range. You can use it to describe things and places too. For instance, for some people, a certain brand may be cheugy, while for others, a food fad can become super cheug.

The word is ironically not that young itself, since it was first introduced in 2013. But it does encapsulate a feeling that we often are overcome with when we have to endure people who are trying too hard.

At the end of the day, the funny thing is that we’re all just a tiny bit cheugy whether we want to admit it or not. Just go check out your own memories on Facebook and let the cringe flow through you.

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