Sexting is a form of texting between people that involves sending explicit or intimate pictures and videos to one another through a direct messaging platform. Now a days, this is not recommended to do at all since it is very possible for the other person to either screenshot the picture that you have sent, or video record the disappearing image/video if it is one. If you do want to see each other in a naughty way it is best to video call, just saying. One pro tip for sending naughty pics is to just not show your face in them, that way if they do get hijacked, your face will not rat you out. However this is all considering that you indeed want the naughty videos or pictures to disappear, if you do not mind them being in the internet then go ahead. 

Remember, the internet never forgets, so be careful out there.

Example Use: Friend 1 – “So me and this one guy were sexting the other day, but then after I sent him a really spicy pic he just ghosted me right after. Either he didn’t like what he saw or I fear he might have published it online. What should I do? ”

Friend 2 – “I think you’re screwed.”



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