Apparently, the pandemic has made people anxious to get on with life. Losing years of dating time hasn’t worked for many people. Is that why fast-forwarding is becoming one of the foremost dating trends? We take a look at what the trend entails, and whether you should participate!

To start with, what is fast-forwarding? Simply put, fast-forwarding has to do with someone looking at their dating prospects, picking their favourite option, and then diving headfirst into dating. If a whirlwind romance is coming to your mind, then you’re almost right on the money.

People who date in fast-forwarding mode will be looking to figure out whether they can lock a person into a relationship or move on, and they will want to do so very very quickly. Think of speed dating, except it’s one person that you’re speeding through several things to see if they can stick around or if you should disappear.

Who is the fast-forwarding dating trend for?

People who are sick of wasting their time. People who are tired of incessantly dating, spending their effort, energy, and money only to be told the values don’t match and they should think of something else.

Generally, someone who knows what they want out of a partner and has a very clear idea of what their future looks like is someone who can indulge in fast-forwarding.

So, if you’re good at communicating your wants and needs, then you may actually make fast-forwarding work for you.

How does fast-forwarding work?

It sounds simple when you say “oh, just do everything faster,” but the reality is that it’s a little more tricky than that. You won’t be turning a two-hour date into a 15-minute extravaganza – that’s actually a good way to make sure you get ghosted.

So if you’re interested in fast-forwarding, start by visiting your priorities. Think of your values, life goals, deal breakers, families, etc., and put them on a list for your potential partner to review. If the two of you have more matches than misses, then you may have a shot at building something together.

Fast-forwarding as a dating trend basically allows you to ask relationship-defining questions long before you’re technically at that stage.

Dangers of fast-forwarding dating

The problem with anything you do too fast is that you will miss a lot of details as you swoosh by. You can also miss a tonne of red flags. Your partner may agree to all of your values, but maybe they suck at actually getting things done. For instance, it’s easy to say you both want children, but you’ll only find out the hard way that they like being a parent for the good parts of childcare, and not the dirty, poopy parts.

Moreover, there are some people who may be so desperate for a connection (or a booty call) that they’ll nod along to every single thing you tell them. If you’re being love bombed and the person doing the talking seems too good to be true, they probably are.

Lastly, what if you meet “the one” but they just aren’t sure of what they want yet? Relationships that are strong consist of people evolving together, growing into their love for one another. You take that time for nurturing away and you may end up with a pipe dream instead of something real.

Maybe the right person for you looks wrong when you just spend 15 minutes looking at them.

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