Casual Dating

Casual Dating is a term meant to signify that a relationship is not serious nor official. This usually refers to the people seeing one another on a sexual manner but not having exclusivity. This can sometimes lead into a long term relationship, a friends with benefits relationship, or it can end after a while and both parties can end up hating each other. Casual dating is not meant for everyone, as it is very easy for people to develop feelings towards the other after repeated exposure and close intimacy. So if you are in a Casual relationship, tread carefully and communicate with one another and make sure you are both on the same page. 

Example Use: Partner 1 – “So this right here, what we have been doing, is this something serious or…?”

Partner 2 – “I was thinking this was more casual, why what happened?

Partner 1 – “Oh no nothing, just making sure we are on the same page, was scared that you were developing some feelings or something.”

Partner 2 – “oh, why would that be bad?”

Partner 1 – “Amm, no no! Just that well, oh shit, well I have been seeing this other person, and so yea I think its good for you to know.”

Partner 2 – “oh, yea I guess, thanks for letting me know, I think. Amm I have to go.”

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