dry dating

Dry Dating: Newest Trend of 2022


Dry Dating is a way of living. It’s mixing sobriety, holistic lifestyle and meaningful conversations in modern casual dating. Bumble recently saw a paradigm shift in dating habits in the UK, where 54% singles were being more mindful and cognizant about their dating choices and lifestyles. Recent research numbers show that approximately 62% of the population in the UK believe that without alcohol they are able to hold deeper and more authentic connections. After 2018, the UK national average of alcohol consuming individuals has also dropped by 5%.

Benefits of Dry Dating

The spike interest in dry dating is due to current wellness trends globally. People want to reap benefits of health and financial freedom, while still adulting. Usually when people go on their first date to a pub. It’s usually a confusion of attraction, connection or just a mutual love for alcohol. If people tend not to drink on their first date, then they are more likely to find a deeper connection and an informed decision on whether they are compatible or not. Adios to booze is truly helping people form more mature and wise interactions with people. The pandemic has been the catalyst to this newer dating trend. Individuals are reassessing their health and wellness. They are conscious about their alcohol consumption and want to truly experience clean living – this has crept into dating scene lately.

Social Infrastructure for Sober Lifestyle

In Australia, lot of restaurant are launching sober bars. It’s a very new trend to help support dry dating. They are crafting non-alcoholic cocktails that don’t taste like prune juice or fruit cocktail. Great ambience with no pressure to drink and you can enjoy your first date in peace. As more and more people are practicing dry dating, it doesn’t lead to shortages of venues, if not bars or pubs. Hiking trails, museums, parks, art galleries, mini-golf, cooking classes, there are end number of activities for your first date.

Preferred Choice for Dating Coaches

Even Canadian dating service, Plenty of Fish surveyed a huge chunk of their user base in the UK. They found a whopping 83% users comfortable to try “dry dates”. Russ Ross, a dating coach at The Social Collective in Sydney believes that sober dating became a raging new trend because of the effects of pandemic. ‘Sober curiosity’ and ‘booze-free lifestyle’ – these cultural trends have become a global influence. Due to frequent lockdowns, people were desperate to go for walks and hikes. So, their first date trend of dinner and drinks quickly changed to hikes, trail walks, dog walk, park picnics and other outdoor activities. A London based dating coach, believes that it’s a misconception of the public that drinking makes people more confident. According to experiences with her clients, she believes sober dating makes one far more confident.

GenZ Focus

The culture of drunk hook-ups and toxic dates is dying. The focus has shifted to alcohol-free dating where people have less pressure to get physical during dates, which leads to better conversations, adding to greater trust and eventually leading to a likelihood for second and third dates. Gen Z daters must have surely captured to essence of meaningful connections and dry dating. According to a 2018 report from Berenberg Research found that the youngest generation was drinking around 20% less alcohol than millennials at their age. This has been extremely inspiring for the society as a whole. And it has led to people starting more conscious relationships at their early 20s.