Best Military Dating Sites and Apps

Military dating sites have been a popular niche of the dating industry for about as long as online dating has existed. There are a probably two main reasons for this. First off military personnel have difficult schedules, working long and irregular hours often relocating for long periods and this makes it hard to make connections. Secondly a lot of people admire the traits of military personnel (fitness, confidence, bravery etc)  and value them in a partner so are keen to date them. So if you fall into either of these two categories check out our list of Best Military Apps and Sites below.

Forces Pen Pals

More than just an Army and Military Dating Site Forces Pen Pals is also a whole support and community site for all of the armed forces. (It actually began life as an IRL pen pals service with hand written letters sent by snail mail!) Users can specify if they are looking for dating or just want to be part of the support community. And then connect with other users who are looking for the same thing. As well as the usual browsing of user profiles there are also forums and chat rooms to join in. With the community of other military personnel and civilians. The great thing about FPP is it’s active community and many dating members enjoy this as much as the dating elements of the site.

Forces Pen Pals is available as a website and is launching new apps for iPhone and Android.


Military Cupid

Military Cupid is a pure dating focused site concentrated in the USA. The military cupid dating site doesn’t have the community features of Forces Pen Pals which limits the available interactions. You can enjoy but it does mean that everyone on the site is looking to date.  Military Cupid is part of the larger Cupid Dating group of sites. It also includes other names like BBWCupid, GayCupid and PinkCupid for example. Currently Military Cupid only has an Android App available. But an iOS app is expected to launch soon along site the main military dating site.

Originally focused more on the police than the military the Uniform Dating Site is open to all who work in uniform. Including fire fighters, doctors and nurses and of course the Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines. Originally from the UK and founded by a former Met Police Detective. The site grew in popularity thanks to it’s cheeky TV advertising and was eventually sold and expanded globally. The site now has a large military user base from the US army. While this has increased it’s user base some of the users of the original site feel it has lost it’s sense of community. is available on Android app as well as it’s website and an iOS app is coming soon

Military Friends

Although it sounds more like a community or social network for the military its actually very much a dating site. Not quite as well known as the other companies listed above. It has a smaller user base and is less active. But the Military Friends Site has actually been operating out of Silicon Valley for 20 years!