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Best Indian Dating Sites and Apps

Dating as a term has not been extremely popular in the social cultural construct of India. But, the steady boom in digital era has led to inception of some ground-breaking dating apps. According to, there are approximately 31 million Indian users on dating apps currently, making India second-largest market for dating apps. Also, the Covid pandemic locking down the world in 2020, has led to exponential surge in online dating.

Matrimony is taboo-less trend, which is still over-powering adulting and dating in India. But, current dating trends are seeing signs of cross-channeling where Indian parents are becoming more liberal. There are adults who now have deconstructed the orthodox social construct of India.

At Best Dating Info – we have compiled a list of top 5 dating apps in India:

1. TrulyMadly

It is a homegrown Indian dating app aiming to reconfigure dating app phenomena of apps like Tinder to suit India’s social and cultural nuances, making it ideal for conservative Indian singles. The most prominent difference between TrulyMadly and Tinder is that it verifies the user and provides a trust-based rating. Even their safety quotient is high. The profile pictures are quite safe because no one can take a screenshot of them or download them.

Basically, the unique algorithm checks your relationship status and engagement percentage on social media, and it factors it in to construct a higher or lower score as a result. This feature gives women more trust in their potential match.

2. Aisle

Matrimonial portals are supremely popular in India, where people are looking for serious relationships. And, dating apps are becoming popular with youngsters in their twenties. But, there’s another audience – the one who are looking for something in the middle. This new group consists of Aisle users. Aisle provides the fun and ease of a dating app combined with maturity and sensibility that matrimonial services can offer. Aisle has a dedicated team that checks the credentials and adds user to the suitable group, if they meet the basic criteria.

3. QuackQuack

This app was launched by the founder (Ravi Mittal) with the sole intention of filling the void in India dating niche. The app boasts of being an India-focused authentic dating app. The goal is the create serious relationships, and not hook-ups. The free app makes it easy for Indian singles to safely connect with like-minded people with active moderation, privacy features and match according to user’s dealbreakers and turn-ons.


This Indian-based dating app is an audio-romance and friend discovery app which helps users to connect with each other through live streams. Basically, users connect via audio in a pseudo-anonymous manner and start conversation through a matchmaker. The matchmaker-led chat and game rooms on the platform have a moderation feature aimed at connecting people through safe yet engaging interactions.

5. Woo

It’s a unique app which is completely women-centric. Woo basically aims to connect like-minded people by keeping women at the forefront of conversations. Women can make voice calls without sharing numbers; the app never shares their name, location and number. The app boasts of over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and is hugely popular among Indian women.