Best Dating Sites & Apps for Throuples

There are countless dating apps out there today. From Hinge to Tinder to ClikD, if you’re into dating, the most probable is that you’ve tried them all. But what about people who like to include a third party in their relationship or are just looking for a partner to have fun with? Here’s a list of the Best Dating Apps for Throuples:

“Traditional” apps like Bumble, Tinder, ClikD, etc.

If you’re planning to use one of the more traditionally “monogamous” apps, there are some helpful notes for your profile to signify that you’re looking for more than one partner. First, be sure to detail that you’re non-monogamous in your profile and that you’re looking for something more than what cis-hetero society standards dictate. Want to add a third person to your current duo? Just make that clear and make sure that both you and your current partner have access to the account. It’s important to state that whilst these may not be the best dating apps for throuples, they offer the most users to choose from.


PSA: Feeld is one of the best dating apps for anyone in a throuple or polysexual people. People have better overall experiences with this app, as it is meant for open relationships and for those looking to explore alternative sex.


This app is designed for polyamorous and open people. They have a breadth of virtual and IRL community events, too, so you can start meeting your next crush as soon as possible, all while surrounded by like-minded people.


This app is aimed at bisexual people looking for polyamory. In short, BiCupid is for everyone who is into a wide range of relationship styles. Whether you’re looking to add a third party to your current relationship, want to meet more single polyamorous people, or just want to chat with other bisexual people.


This app allows you to select whether you want to go on a specific date or just hook up with a specific person, which the company considers a more honest and mature approach to dating. If you’re poly, this means you have the opportunity for a variety of different experiences at your disposal.


MoreThanOne is designed for polyamorous people. The app is for both single people and open, non-monogamous relationships. And it welcomes all genders, sexualities and identities


PolyFinda lets you browse dating the way you want to and freely. The app has been designed with all genders and sexual preferences in mind. It indicates whether you’re in a couple or looking to add more members to your relationship.  You can also set any characteristics of the people you’re looking for!