dating a soldier

Dating A Soldier – Pros and Cons

dating a soldier

The most important thing to understand about dating a soldier, is that the lifestyle is unlike any other. Dating a soldier brings you into a completely secluded world where you need to deal with things like deployment, stress, anxiety, and PTSD. While when they come home things are joyful, there will be long-distance hiccups, and this can put a lot of stress on your relationship. Here’s a list of pros and cons of dating a soldier that we at Best Dating Info have developed for you:


Dating a Solider you’ll always be the most confident person in the room.

soldier pride love

The sense of pride that comes with dating someone who is putting their life on the line to defend a nation or destressed communities is purely sublime. The military is all about respecting yourself, others, your country, and your community. You’ll also be surprised by how many people will stop you when your partner is in uniform to thank them for their service. While you’re not the one serving but will always be feeling proud and beaming with pride.

They know how to follow orders.

Well on a lighter note, if you are looking for a partner who listens to you and follows you, then military partners surely follow their commander! Loyalty is effortlessly imbibed in them, and they will follow you till the end of this world. Their dedication is unparalleled. Also, military partners are great listeners. So, this becomes an added bonus!

Soldiers have muscles and attractive personality

army fitness

Enticing?! You will be so easily attracted to them, and this is the easiest likeability factor in military partners. Obviously, to sustain relationships – muscles are not enough. But, attraction definitely sparks the much needed fire in any relationship. Military partners have a strong personality and a commanding aura.

They know how to work hard and their jobs are secured with great benefits.

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One of the biggest perks about being in military is job security and military benefits. This can be great if you’re considering starting a family or looking for financial security with your relationship. Great pay, medical benefits, education benefits, and family support programs truly help while raising a family. Military jobs are steady and secured.


Dating a Soldier on Deployment is stressful

soldier dating stress

Being separated for months and months is nerve-racking, and it puts stress on any relationship. The time apart is a major struggle. And, the constant fear of their safety is so intense that it increases a person’s anxiety to unimaginable levels. Every news report about possibilities of war, brings fear and uncontrollable emotions in us, as sending a loved one to dangerous and unpredictable places is like a nightmare.

Their emotions are sometimes all over the place.

Dating downsides stress

Soldiers may come home emotionally drained after a tough trip, and they need love and care during these times. They need to be regularly motivated. Also, their emotions need to be kept in check. If you can be supportive that’s great, but a lot of times – you’re someone who needs a lot of emotional strength yourself, and you may have some days where there are additional challenges in family. So, constant, sustainable, and emotional support is a necessity in a military relationship.

Military couples are more prone to cheating due to longer periods of deployment.


This aspect of relationships is critical and it’s hard to sustain a stable relationship when one partner is away for long periods. It’s something that takes a toll on your mindset and can tempt you in ways you didn’t expect, and that’s why cheating can happen on both sides.

Relationship Outlook:

Dating a soldiers take lot of work and If you’re willing to put in the effort, military relationships do work — but it requires patience, confidence, and sustainable efforts. With some compromise and adjustments on both parts, you can increase the longevity and make it work well. Even if you are many miles apart. Scores of military couples make it through basic training, deployments, and traumatic rehabilitation situations each year. So, if you’re willing to focus on the pros and embrace the cons with a smile, you can survive dating a soldier, too. Join Forces Penpals  if you are thinking about dating a soldier. Forces Penpals is the top military support, dating and social networking website for the soldiers, sailors and aircrew of the UK Armed Forces.