Date Ideas

Even the best ideas are no good without action!


Stuck for date ideas? Not anymore…

Datemakers is a membership club which gives you access to special member rates and savings on hundreds of date experiences around the UK. 

Why not try something different like pottery, learn to DJ, or visit an alpaca farm – their date ideas are selected so that dating never gets boring!

Their aim is simple – to keep you filled with exciting date options, to save you money, and make your relationships a bit easier. 

They are always adding new date ideas to the guide, and also treat their members to extra member perks such as savings on flowers, getaways, taxis, and almost anything else that they think might help!

For £2.99 per month, or £14.99 per year – it’s a bit of a no brainer.

Just think, the money you save on your date can fund some extra drinks after your date!


Casey is a specialized concierge service that tailors its date nights for busy, London-based couples. The method is simple, you just fill out a profile and Casey gives you personalized recommendations to fit your needs. They really take pride in trying to create the most memorable moments of your night. Ticking off items from your bucket list has never been easier. 

They have no membership so that really does set them apart from the other competition mentioned on this list. You pay the concierge fee when you decide to accept the date night plan they present to you. 

So if you are busy Londoner that wants to enjoy the night and not have to deal with the hassle of preparing it all, give Casey a try.


Quintessentially are global lifestyle managers that help to enhance members’ day to day lives. They specialize in getting you the most bespoke experiences ranging from travel, and private parties. They also offer services in helping you with the advice on weddings, wine, personal shopping, education, and art. 

They value your time more than anything and consider it the highest luxury. So, the less time you spend on searching and more on enjoying is essential. If you need help with setting up a new and exciting date and date ideas, they got you covered. They have the access to coveted cultural events, exhibitions and shows, private dinner parties, VIP wine tasting, and exclusive backstage tours with world renowned artist and performers. Any of these exclusive offerings are sure to make your night quite memorable.

The Sincura Group

Sincura’s personal concierge mentality is very straight forward. They are the best connected in the industry. They offer different membership types to suit your needs. A Personal, Business, or White Label membership, or a mix of them. They offer exclusive access to the top restaurants and luxurious end to end travel experiences, of course, all tailored to suit your needs. 

They offer services including, but not limited to, clubs, after parties, events, social clubs, tickets, and wanderlust adventures. Basically, anything you could need to make a memorable night, they got you covered. 

Sincura also have a nice app to accompany the exclusive concierge experience. Perfect for date ideas.

Secret Dates

Secret Dates is truly something very original and for the more spontaneous. They have a variety of different activities like quirky dining spots, secret screenings, and even access to some of the wildest parties. The way it works is that if you choose the full experience, you choose your budget for the night, ranging from 50 pounds up to 500 pounds per person. You then choose your preferred date, of one week in advance. You then select what type of preferred experience you would like: active or relaxed, as well as what is the special occasion; first date or early days, or rekindling? There are many more questions that they ask, so it is definitely worth a look for date ideas. They have a lite experience which is lower in price, but does not include all the goodies like more drinks and such. 

The best part about Secret Dates could possibly the anticipation leading up to the actual date. They will be in constant communication with you and will also provide hints for what to expect. Sounds very exciting indeed! 

They even have a great video intro to explain the way it all works.