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4 signs your ethical non-monogamy rules are bad

Ethical non-monogamy is picking up a lot more fans as time goes by. It allows couples to become stronger together by allowing the original “unit” to open up to other people. The key parts of ethical non-monogamy are consent and communication. The only way to do this is to have clearly defined ethical non-monogamy rules. […]

Reasons why you shouldn’t have a sugar daddy

1) They might emotionally offload onto you Being a sugar baby is not only supposed to be a positive experience in your life but is supposed to be mutually beneficial to both parties; meaning that the relationship should always be pleasant for both parties at all times. However, sometimes some sugar daddies try a blur […]

Best London Dating Apps 2022

Looking for the best London dating apps of 2022 well check out our list of the best dating apps for Londoners in 2022. Whilst there are lots of dating apps out there all trying to be the best London is a unique city and there are certain products aimed at meeting the wants and needs […]

How to get over a Breakup 

Let’s start by telling you something that at this very moment will be very hard to accept, you’re going to be ok. Breakups are the worst thing that can happen to us emotionally and many of us will go through various breakups throughout our lifetime, some worse than others. If you are here, this has […]

Top 10 UK Dating Coaches

Dating and relationships strike a core chord in our lives and encompass the essence of our society and act as a catalyst for its progression for the coming centuries. With the world of dating evolving so rapidly, primarily due to the emergence of new dating apps and COVID constraining opportunities to find love, has made […]

Love Island 2021 & Relationship Management

So we’re finally here, the final week of Love Island 2021. Nearly two months of flirting, awkward messy tasks, 🔥 firepit chats, not enough sun cream and moving mad.  The Love Island 2021 cast has definitely learnt a lot with some making more progress than others. Toby and Chloe have completed almost two series worth […]

What are the Best Free Date Ideas in 2021?

The honeymoon phase is the best part of any relationship, especially when you spend all that money on nice dinners and expensive getaways! But what happens when that money soon runs out and now you are stuck with growing card debt and a date that still wants to see you regularly? Well you decided to […]

Love Island and Casa Amor: What to learn from it

In what feels like a welcome return to normality Love Island is back! It’s strange to think about how the pandemic really started beginning to develop in Europe just as the last Love Island (held in South Africa during January and February) was ending. However, here we are, thankfully. We’re six weeks into the latest […]

What are the Best Dating Blogs of 2021?

Our 7 Best Dating Blogs for 2021 hand picked to give you the best insights and info on dating, relationships and the single life. Of course that’s what we here at Best Dating Info are here for but it never hurts to get a second (or Third) opinion.  See what other angles people are coming […]

The Best Hookup Apps for a Summer of Fun

Let’s not shy away from it. Hookup culture is an accepted form of connecting with other people. Maybe for you, the idea of sex with no strings attached is what dreams are made of. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject. And our list below, some of the best hookup apps, are here to break the […]

Best Dating Apps and Websites for Gamers

Hello World and hello to all you beautiful single gamers out there looking for some love and friendship! Are you on the hunt for the best dating apps and websites for gamers? We’ve got you covered! We all know that gaming is fun by yourself. Especially with games like Horizon Zero Dawn or Assassins Creed […]

Best Dating Apps in London 2021 

  It is 2021, and it seems that restrictions are starting to dim down. It is now finally possible to see other humans. That also means it is now possible to get out there and start dating again! But what are the best dating apps in London and where can we virtually find the most […]

Best Dating Ideas for the Summer

You have a first date, wonderful news. She or he has said yes to your proposal to meet, and now your thinking about the best dating ideas for the summer. You want to surprise them, you want them to remember this first time in a special way, you want them to like you and you […]

Best Dating App Opening Lines

Your opening lines to a match on any dating app is crucial. Whether you’re on a dating app for a serious relationship or not, having a strong first message can make or break your experience. Apps like CLiKD, with its Dealbreakers, and Hinge with its Prompts, go a step further than other apps, allowing you […]

Am I Vulnerable to Vulturing?

Vulturing is currently the most feared dating trend. Girls should be aware of people who circle around a wounded prey like a vulture, sensing when your relationship has gone kaput. That’s their cue to swoop in, using your fragile and detrimental relationship to pick you up and use you. Being a vulture is synonymous with […]

10 Ways To Tell If a Girl Is Single

So, there’s that one girl that has been catching your attention but you are not sure if she is single or not. She’s cute, great to hang out with, and totally seems like girlfriend material, or maybe even “SituationShipAble” – and yes, this will be added to The Dating Dictionary very soon But it’s kind […]

Why Do Guys Ghost And Then Reappear?

So, here’s a scenario you’ve probably found yourself in – I assume so anyway, if you’re reading this fantastic blog. You’ve been talking with someone for a while. It’s going well, you’re both into each other, and they seem really interested. However, he starts texting you less and less. Suddenly, it stops. All communication comes […]