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Best Dating Apps and Websites for Gamers

Hello World and hello to all you beautiful single gamers out there looking for some love and friendship! Are you on the hunt for the best dating apps and websites for gamers? We’ve got you covered! We all know that gaming is fun by yourself. Especially with games like Horizon Zero Dawn or Assassins Creed […]

Best Dating Apps in London 2021 

  It is 2021, and it seems that restrictions are starting to dim down. It is now finally possible to see other humans. That also means it is now possible to get out there and start dating again! But what are the best dating apps in London and where can we virtually find the most […]

Best Dating Ideas for the Summer

You have a first date, wonderful news. She or he has said yes to your proposal to meet, and now your thinking about the best dating ideas for the summer. You want to surprise them, you want them to remember this first time in a special way, you want them to like you and you […]

Best Dating App Opening Lines

Your opening lines to a match on any dating app is crucial. Whether you’re on a dating app for a serious relationship or not, having a strong first message can make or break your experience. Apps like CLiKD, with its Dealbreakers, and Hinge with its Prompts, go a step further than other apps, allowing you […]

The Best Dating Apps for Sugar Daddies 2021

So the Roaring 20’s have commenced, lockdowns are easing and it’s time to get back to dating! This time you are looking for something else. You’re looking for someone to pamper and help you spend all that hard-earned cash. Why settle for mid-income and 2/4 star price tag restaurants, we are talking about meeting the […]

Best Dating Apps for Professionals

Are you focused on your professional career or do not see beyond getting that next promotion in your company? Finding the best dating apps for professionals is probably not at the top of your to-do list. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you. Having a successful career and being number one in your […]

Am I Vulnerable to Vulturing?

Vulturing is currently the most feared dating trend. Girls should be aware of people who circle around a wounded prey like a vulture, sensing when your relationship has gone kaput. That’s their cue to swoop in, using your fragile and detrimental relationship to pick you up and use you. Being a vulture is synonymous with […]

The Best Over 50s Dating Apps In 2021

The Naughty 40’s, the Nifty 50’s. Whatever you want to call them, these are absolute prime dating years for all involved! Through your life to date, you’ve now amassed a wealth of knowledge that is about to help guide your next, and best romantic chapter. You’re old enough to judge what you do and don’t […]

10 Ways To Tell If a Girl Is Single

So, there’s that one girl that has been catching your attention but you are not sure if she is single or not. She’s cute, great to hang out with, and totally seems like girlfriend material, or maybe even “SituationShipAble” – and yes, this will be added to The Dating Dictionary very soon But it’s kind […]

Why Am I Using a Dating App?

Most single people these days are on dating apps. But why? What are they searching for? Why do people use a specific dating app? Well, as the COVID-19 pandemic drove singles out of the bars, clubs, workplaces, and college campuses that formerly served as mating grounds for those who preferred a more traditional approach to […]