The Best Elite Dating App for Wealthy Individuals

The world of dating apps and sites really are an environment for you to meet all sorts of people. You can broaden your horizons and meet someone who you likely won’t have otherwise. Part of the fun is meeting people who you think represent different futures for you. With some people that might be as vague as a “nice person who I have stuff in common with”. For others it might be as direct as “a person who I get on with who is also financially secure”. All priorities are fair and need to be addressed. For those looking for that financial security in their dating experience, questioning what is the best elite dating app, look no further. Our list covers a number of apps and sites dedicated to helping you find the one.  Read on to find out more! 


Raya is the app where you really have to be someone to be on it. Viewed as much as a networking opportunity and a friend discovery platform as a dating app, Raya really values the importance of who it brings into their community. So much so that to actually gain access to use the app you have to apply for admission. This is so the app can ensure that new members make the apps community more diverse and dynamic. Raya claims to allow users to be a more expressive version of themselves on the app than any other similar experience which is how it incentivises users. 


Recommended by the likes of the Financial Times, the Daily Mail and the Jimmy Kimmel show, Luxy has developed a reputation for itself as being the place to meet the affluent. It highlights itself as the platform to meet sophisticated individuals and also famously, millionaires. Guaranteeing an environment for the successful to meet each other the app has stringent moderation to make sure that the app is rid of spammers, fake accounts, hateful content, bad profiles and the best and safest of settings for their users to virtually meet.   

Elite Singles

Elite Singles sells itself on being an app with a user basis of affluent and educated people. Users on this elite dating app have the drive, desire and “common goal of finding genuine love and commitment through internet dating.” 85% of the UK users hold an above-average education with the app trying to position itself as the platform for the very intelligent and professional. It caters from everything from divorced dating to single millionaires. 

Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match as the name suggests is the prime place on the internet to meet and date millionaires. It’s one of the best elite dating apps outs there The service has nearly 5 millions users with the site specifically looking for users who earn over $200k a year. It looks to fill the market for users who are interested in who you are not for what you have, so therefore by having everyone on the app within a certain earnings bracket it creates that community. 

Seeking Arrangement

Similar to many of the other apps and sites listed above Seeking Arrangement looks to create a community of intelligent and successful people looking for mutually beneficial relationships. It sounds incredibly professional and it translates to making sure people have their priorities in the right order with finding love now very near the top of their agenda. Seeking Arrangements specifically works within the sugar daddy market, helping daddies meet babies in as safe an online experience as possible. 

Sugar Daddie

Sugar Daddie dating is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. You can find Sugar Daddies on this app – I know, shocking. They have been working for 14 years with excellent customer service. They also have a track record for millionaire dating, mixed-aged dating and mutually beneficial relationships. There’s a number of other apps too, check them out in our previous blog.

Honourable Mentions:

All of your favourite apps like Tinder, CLiKD, Bumble and Hinge will all have more successful users on it. They may not be classified as an “elite dating app”, but their user base is very wide. You can absolutely find ambitious and secure people on these apps with who you can have happy relationships.