Best Dating Ideas London

If it has been a while since your last date and your favourite places are unfortunately not available anymore, or you are running out of dating ideas, here’s a list of some of the most interesting dating ideas London for you to use when you’re going to be ready to be dating again.

So, fasten your seatbelts, relax, and enjoy our recommendations for the best dating ideas in London.

  1. Feeling romantic and jazzy? A romantic dating idea:

Le QuecumBar & Brasserie

42-44 Battersea High Street, London SW11 3HZ

Located in the heart of Battersea, in Southwest London, Le QuecumBar is a 1930’s Parisian ambience bistro and bar. The bar offers gypsy, swing and jazz live music nights and ‘a variety of value for money dishes with homemade options’. To give you a taste of how characteristic and picturesque the place is, Le QuecumBar, has been featured on the BBC, TV ads and for the most nostalgic ones, it was the background for the Spanish band ‘The Gypsy Kings’ in their Greatest Hits CD ad. The space, is also available to hire for private parties, filming or photoshoot as in the past, has been used as well by the national press, celebrities and famous personalities for photoshoots and interviews.

If you’re looking for some proper old school French vibes, Le QuecumBar is our best dating idea in London.

  1. Coffee date – Doppio Coffee Warehouse Shoreditch

90 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL

If you’re familiar with the Brick Lane area, and you don’t want to be bothered by the chaos and the crowded streets of East London, here is another unique idea for your dating ideas in London’s list. DCWS is situated a minute walk from Brick Lane and has its strengths in the quiet and more local area where it’s positioned and its rustic layout. Its menu does go beyond the regular coffee house as comprises frappes, smoothies and something you can’t quite find anywhere else: an actual Greek style espresso freddo. Doppio functions as a supplier of coffee beans, coffee machines, brewing tools and possibly anything related to coffee. Ao, if you’ve matched because of this common interest, this is the place to be.

  1. Dating and drinking – Vagabond Wines


With its nine branches spread around central London, ‘Vags’ is the wine bar you don’t want to miss the chance to ‘taste’. With its diverse layouts but all rustic winery related, taking your date here for a bottle of red, will definitely get you some extra points. A food menu is also available with exquisite nibbles, starters, a steak sharer and if you’d like to do it ‘the proper way’, cheese and cured meat sharing plates are also available. If it sounds like a good idea for your date night, go on, book a table and enjoy the breeze of self-pouring wine to your date like a pro.

  1. Dating between the trees – Go Ape!


If going around restaurants and bars is not your ideal date, perhaps an activity such as Go Ape could be it. Going full anarchist and against the usual criteria of first dates to try to impress them is never a bad idea. Go Ape and its three locations in London (Cockfosters, Battersea Park, Alexandra Palace) are offering a great alternative dating idea London to pubs, cafes and bistro type of dates, where the real thrill is crossing woods via a zipline or climbing up tall posts while enjoying the skyline of the capital. Different challenges as well night-time adventures are part of the package that Go Ape offers to adrenaline junkies from the advisable age of 4 on all sorts of adventures and escapes from the concrete jungle that London could be at times.

Oh, and it’s suitable for proposals too, just so you know.

  1. Outdoor dating idea? – Rooftop Film Club


Another top tip for an alternative dating idea in London. One of the many things that life in The Capital offers, is the variety of places to go and activities to do and if going on a rooftop cinema is not on you bucket list of London dating ideas, well, you better reconsider your attachment to the city and purpose in life. The characteristic Bussey Building in Peckham in the Southeast and the Roof East in Stratford in the West are home to this amazing-out of the ordinary idea.

  1. Boating on the Serpentine, Hyde Park

Hyde Park, London, W2 2 HU

This lovely and entertaining escape, is located in Hyde Park and allows you to row around the Serpentine that thanks to his size that cut through the park from his south gates in Knightsbridge to the The Lancasters’s in its northern side, offers great sightseeing as the Princess Diana Memorial, the Peter Pan statue and at the northern extreme, the Italian Gardens designed by James Pennethorne in 1860 for the Royal Family.

  1. Our Best dating idea – Cahoots


Our dating ideas London’s list, couldn’t end in a better way. Cahoots is 1940’s themed bar and restaurant, based in Kingly Street, Carnaby in two separated locations where it is possible to enjoy a different layout but the exact same vibrant and unique experience.  London offers a great number of interesting and particular place, but if your dating ideas are a bit different and seek anything out of the ordinary but still easily accessible, here they are. You’re welcome.