best dating ideas for the summer

Best Dating Ideas for the Summer

You have a first date, wonderful news. She or he has said yes to your proposal to meet, and now your thinking about the best dating ideas for the summer. You want to surprise them, you want them to remember this first time in a special way, you want them to like you and you want everything to be really cool.

Thinking about where to go on a first date is not so easy and even less in summer when you can only think of plans with swimming pool or anything that includes air conditioning.

First you have to choose the plan, you have to know what to do on the date, choose what to wear, have some basic notions to know what you are going to talk about on the first date, make it stimulating, memorable.

Sometimes designing something unique seems very difficult, but we have good news… It is not that difficult. In fact, we are going to show you below the best dating ideas for the summer. So right now, you just have to get comfortable and choose the idea that suits you best to have a date with your crush in these summer months.

Have a picnic

A classic in the movies and yet we know very few people who do it on the first date. This is one of the best dating ideas for the summer. Which we can’t understand, because it’s wonderful. If you know of a park or a cool green area in your neighbourhood, get a blanket, buy a couple of things to snack on (or better yet, make them yourself), have the other person bring the wine or beer and get to know each other outdoors, surrounded by nature, birds and with the sun shining on you. It’s much more memorable than going for a coffee at any cafeteria and it’s almost as easy to organize.

Go to an amusement park

For thrills that will wake up all the butterflies in your tummy, there’s no place like an amusement park. The thrills on the contraptions, the house of terror, the roller coaster, all are great times to hold hands, suffer a little together and show how brave you are. Plus, it’s a great place for those who get a little anxious on the date. Instead of being a little nervous, you’re going to redirect all that anxiety into the adrenaline rush of the mechanical attractions. Finally, there are good times to talk here, especially on rides like the Ferris wheel.

Take a dip in a hotel pool that rocks

If you are in summer and you are tired of going to the beach you can choose a more curious option. There are many hotels that are real palaces, and their pools are fantastic places to relax. These pools are only for clients, but of course, do you think the hotel staff knows all the faces of the clients by heart? They probably don’t even care if you go there as long as you are discreet, and it can give the date that extra thrill of sneaking into a place where it’s not allowed. That said, if someone tells you something, don’t tell them I told you, I trust you. Other than that, enjoy yourself in a great pool with a great person!

Go for a hike in nature

Getting out of the city is refreshing and different for a first date. Going to a mountain, a forest or a lagoon for a hike is a very entertaining option, especially for warm seasons where the city is more overwhelming. We recommend you look for the most interesting places in your area and choose the one that is closest to you and that is interesting to go with someone. Just a search for “excursions near [insert your city]” will give you a lot of interesting things to do.

Watch an outdoor movie

Many community centres and local parks screen outdoor movies during the summer months, or you may even be lucky enough to have a drive-in theatre nearby. It’s a super vintage and cool plan, and if they happen to play an action or scary movie, it gets your heart rate up, which can increase sexual attraction and romance.

Watch the sunset

Take advantage of the later sunset in the summer and take your date out to watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine and some appetizers. Holding hands or cuddling while watching the sunset is one of the most romantic and cheapest plans we can recommend you.