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Best Dating Apps in London 2021 


It is 2021, and it seems that restrictions are starting to dim down. It is now finally possible to see other humans. That also means it is now possible to get out there and start dating again! But what are the best dating apps in London and where can we virtually find the most like minded people that we could get along with and date? For that reason we compiled the Top 5 Dating Apps in London for 2021. 



So now that some places are starting to open, it’s a great time to stretch out those quarantine legs and maybe lose some of those Quarantini Calories, and this app does a great neat trick of telling you who you have bumped into along your walks, commutes, or drunken nights!

The app tracks your location and tells you of people you have come close to. If you like the person, you just like them and boom, it even tells you the proximity of where you might have walked by each other. It’s very romantic, kinda like a Woody Allen movie but with a Black Mirror spin to it. A must have app for all Londoners. 



Is the up and coming app that lets you always see at least one person who has liked you in the free version. If you want to see who’s interested in you, this app is perfect. In a city like London, it helps to be able to use handy filters like age, sex, and proximity, and with Hinge, it is very possible to find someone that may fit those filters. 



If you are looking for someone that shares similar values, morals, nerdiness, political views, or social causes then CLiKD is definitely the app that you should check out. Not only does it have many members in London but it has the most varied members as well. Ranging from hipster, rocker, a bit of geeky all the way to rich travel addict that can’t seem to stay one weekend in the town.

It’s a great place to meet like minded people in London, thanks to its very interesting Dealbreaker system that lets you really get a feel for people’s thoughts and wants. Plus those spicy or goofy questions are sure to be excellent Ice breakers to that of a boring old “Hey, you up?” Boooring.


Inner Circle

Inner Circle is made for virtual dating and in-person dating. The app prides itself in being more exclusive than the other ones mentioned here as in to get into the app, you have to be accepted by one of their community managers. This can be a little off-putting for some since it seems you are being very quickly critiqued by someone in the Inner Circle staff, however, Inner Circle does not discriminate on age, sex, or race, instead they just like to have profiles of people that have great pictures of themselves. Too many pictures of your dog is probably not the best way to get into the app.

You can invite other users to the app, once your in! That way you can right away start matching. They also hold live event, which are free to Inner Circle members!


Feeld is the app  for people looking for “unconventional” relationships. We are talking about friends with benefits, polyamorous, threesomes, kink adventures, and many more. In a city like London, there are plenty of people who are willing to adventure out from monogamous dating.

Of course, this app is not for everyone, as in many of the descriptions that people have of themselves they are very blunt about what they want, so if you tend to be the shy type and blush easily at the directness of people here, maybe it’s best you look at the other apps instead. If you are down for an adventure, and are willing to explore out of your comfort zone, Feeld is the app for you. 


We hope you enjoy our list of our top online dating apps to use in London. Happy dating and enjoy the glorious pandemic-less sunny summer this 2021! 

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