The Best Dating Apps for Sugar Daddies 2021

So the Roaring 20’s have commenced, lockdowns are easing and it’s time to get back to dating! This time you are looking for something else. You’re looking for someone to pamper and help you spend all that hard-earned cash. Why settle for mid-income and 2/4 star price tag restaurants, we are talking about meeting the Elon Sugar Daddies that will take us to the moon. And for all our Daddy Elons reading this, we want to help you find that Grimes that will make all those Stag Dos seems like child’s play. So we scoured all the dating apps and are happy to bring to you a list of the Best Dating Apps for Sugar Daddies in 2021.

Well it can’t get any clearer than this – offers its Sugar Baby members the chance to Date a Millionaire today. The site prides itself on exclusive database of high earning male members and attractive female members who value the finer things in life. International offices in the US and UK mean English language phone support is only a phone call away – and not just for technical issues, with 14 years experience the team is happy to advise it’s members on their dating lives as well! is probably one of the most recognised brands having been featured extensively in the media, from The BBC and Sun in the UK to CNN and Dr Phil in the US!

The League

The League prides itself in being a dating app that is only for the ones who are successful in their profession and maybe a tad bit cash positive. When signing up, you actually have to be accepted by a member of their staff. This keeps a certain level of selectiveness that you otherwise would not get on other dating apps. You can sign in Via your LinkedIn, to really be able to show that your profession is next grade. They also have a daily and weekly live video dating roulette in which you will be paired with another random prospect. If you like the person you talk to you can contact them later after the event is over. 

Inner Circle 

Inner Circle is an invite-only dating app that also likes to host live events for the upper-class singles of hot towns around the globe. They have events that take place in cities like Rio de Janeiro, New York City, London, and Paris. And since the app is invite-only or pay to enter, it also gives a sense of exclusivity that others do not have. Also, the events held in live meetups are also quite chic and many singles come to them. So this dating app is a great choice for those seeking the hunt out in the real world and not only in the virtual one. 


CLiKD is a dating app that is focused on matching you with people that share similar values, morals, and goals. Whilst it isn’t necessarily built as a dating app for sugar daddies, it can function as one.  In the app, you have the ability to answer questions that other people post. You then match with them if you get it right and they get yours as well. This can be a great way for you to tell your prospects what you want. Whether that’s to fulfil your materialistic Sugar Daddy dreams or help spice up that boring elite life. 


Raya is the dating app that is aimed at basically celebrities and influencers, so if you are on this app there is already a certain amount of flair happening in your life most likely. This app also prides itself on being very selective with who they admit. When you sign up you have to show them your Instagram and they can either approve you or not. So this is where your Instagram game has to really show. If it’s good enough for Ben Affleck, it’s good enough for us. 

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is quite special since it is very much that, in which you seek an arrangement with someone of a certain amount of wealth. When you sign up you actually have to put in your net worth and the industry you work for. This app is for those who aren’t afraid to be upfront about their Sugar Daddy desires. However, be aware that there is a slight chance that the people on here may not be all millionaires, so keep that in mind before taking that flight to Dubai with your new crush. 

That is our list of the best dating apps for Sugar Daddies in 2021. Hope you found one that you have not heard of and you may try it out and see if you find that special someone to bring all your Sugar Daddy Elon dreams to fruition. The Roarin’ 20s are not gonna start themselves, so get out there!