Best Dating Apps for Men 

Hello there men, are you looking for a soul mate that will drown away all your lonely sorrows, or are you looking for that night time parner that will always be there for you, just one booty call away? Well fret no more since we have compiled the list of the very Best Dating Apps for Men. Prepare to be wowed, engaged and maybe even strung along into a toxic situationship, but all in the name of Love! 


First up we have our very best friend Tinder, Ye ‘Ol faithful. What doesn’t scream out desperation and thirst more than an adequately perfected Tinder profile that both shows your soft side (pic with dog), your hustle side (pic with glasses and suit), and that amazing party in the back side of you (pic of you drinking intensely with the boys). Men can never go wrong with Tinder, never in the entire existence of this amazing app has there ever been a catfish. We highly recommend it. ::: Disclaimer – Tinder can have Catfishes, Men beware, but also have safe fun, the app is pretty tight though can vouch.  


Ahh Hinge, The educated and classy of the dating apps. Why is this the number 2 app in our best dating apps for men? Well let’s just say that if you are looking for an LTDR (Long-term Dating Relationship) this is probably the best place to find one, as this app’s core motto is “dating app designed to be deleted,” so they are making a bit bet that you are sure to find someone special. So for LTDR, Hinge is a good choice. 


Now if you, my thirsty boy, are looking to grind on some more cute boys in your area, look no further than your sugar pappy Grindr. Yes this app is made for Male on Male dating, this list was about Best Dating Apps for Males remember 😉 . Now we are gonna be totally honest here, this app is on fire everyday, and trust us you will see many naughty pics on people’s dating profiles, this is no Walk-in-the-Safe-naughtyless-Hinge-Park, this is all about raw unfiltered thirst, in all its manliest of ways imaginable. You will find romantics, hedonists, models, body-builders, swingers, furries, and every other male imaginable, so tread carefully if you are unsure of what you want. Still, if you are looking for a quick hookup this is the best app for male on male and trans. 


Hookup got your interest right, well we have another app for you and it is Feeld, however this is not exclusively a hookup app, consider Feeld more as a community of free love. Are there people on the app that want a quick hookup, yea many actually, but many others are there looking for friends with benefits, threesomes, foursomes, couple on couple, MMF, bondage, polyamorous, and many more. If you did not understand some of the terms used above, just go to their Instagram where they do a very good explanation of all these terms. The Feeld community is very cool and very free thinking, so if that is more your thing go and check out Feeld! 


And finally if you are looking for something more personal and maybe you just really want to match with someone based on their values, tastes, and morals, then we would really like to introduce to you, CLIKD, the best dating app for finding someone that shares your passions. Are you a cat lover, or dog dad? More into politics or nah? Vegan or all out omnivore? Who pays on the first date? – These are all questions you have to answer each other before you match and can chat, really giving you an idea of who this person that you just liked is in actuality. So not only can you match based on liking each other’s looks, but you can also match in liking each other’s thoughts, passions, and tastes. Highly recommended if you want to really find and date someone that you actually CLIK with 😉  


That’s a wrap on today’s Best Dating Apps for Men, we hope you thirsty romantic men will find the love of your life or the love of your night/afternoon/tea time-time/general tuesday, you get what we mean 😉 


Be sure to tune in next time to our next blog – Best Dating Apps for Dogs and what restaurant to go to on the first grub.