best dating apps and websites for gamers

Best Dating Apps and Websites for Gamers

Hello World and hello to all you beautiful single gamers out there looking for some love and friendship! Are you on the hunt for the best dating apps and websites for gamers? We’ve got you covered!

We all know that gaming is fun by yourself. Especially with games like Horizon Zero Dawn or Assassins Creed Valhalla. But playing a game like COD Warzone or Apex Legends with your bae can also be so much better. Gaming is about enjoying an escape from reality. Why not find someone to escape this reality with? For this reason, we have scoured the interwebs for you in order to bring you the Best Dating Apps and websites for Gamers!



Is a very unique online dating app for gamers that focuses very heavily on giving off that geek and nerdy vibe. In all reality it embraces the geek culture by not only having very hacker/programmer-like aspect in the app but also having simple prompts that act as their own type of minigame where you have to answer certain questions to best represent you.

What really puts this app apart from the rest are those prompts that can be showcased in your profile.  These prompts are super unique. Also, you can list off your top 9 games that you love to play, that way any possible match can quickly see if you two might have a game in common to play. It is a great app to quickly meet other hardcore gamers like yourself.



Is all about matching you with people that share similar interests with you, and this of course can include your passion for gaming! When creating your profile, you have the option to select what interests you have, like are you into sports, politics, lifestyle, fashion, gaming, or even gym. You can choose 5 of these interests and with that the app will and try find people who share similar interests with you. So, the best part about this is that now you can actually find people who share gaming as one of their main interests! The app keeps being updated so it is definitely worth a try! Maybe you could match with someone who is fashionable and a gamer, you never know until you try!  



Is an app that is not necessarily marketed as the best online dating app for finding other gamers, but it is very much an app that has a function where you answer many questions and can write down your interests, one of which can be gaming. The app then starts to try and match you with people that share similarity with you and then gives you a match score. It is possible you can completely ignore the match score and start liking everyone you fancy, you know what they say, “opposites attract”! But the match score can prove useful for finding other gamers that share your passion or at least are interested in gaming.



Is an app that is solely crafted to put in the forefront your nerdy side, without it looking overly geeky as compared to Kippo. The app’s aesthetic resembles a much plainer style and less playful than Kippo as well. The app is very simple to get set up and once you have set your profile up with your picture and your bio you are able to start looking at the other members in the app.

It asks you game-specific questions like how much time you play and what type of personality of gamer you are when playing with others; this is info is then used to filter out profiles from you end, that way you can probably avoid certain type of people like the ones that just prefer to play single player and have no room for you in their life; the loners, let them keep to themselves them, they don’t know what an awesome co-op partner they are missing out on. So being able to filter this kind of information can be really useful for someone really interested in gaming with their match.

The app does require upfront payment for a monthly subscription.


Is a website that is dedicated to liking and chatting with other gamers. The website has a very simple layout. There’s not much information on people besides their sexuality, console preference, and genre preference. So, in terms of how much info you can get from seeing someone’s profile, not a lot to be honest. And also, the website is in a sort of early development as it does not entirely require people to have a picture of themselves, and so many profiles do tend to not have any pictures of people.

Overall, it is a good website to use if you are already using all the other ones, but do not bet your hopes too high on this one. The website also does include a chatroom, but its functions and scope are still not understood, but it is worth checking out to see who you can meet there as well!

Gamer Dating

Is another online dating website gamers that seems to be functional in showing you the necessary information on a profile, but it does not do much else besides that. The website starts by asking you to identify which types of genres you enjoy playing and also indicating your sexual preference as well as your height and age, the basic online dating info as always.

The website unfortunately does not let you do much unless you pay up.  It very much has that early 2000s Habbo vibe. So if that is more your thing then perfect and. If you are willing to pay some cash, it’s not a bad idea to try out the website.

That concludes our lengthy quest to find you the best dating apps and websites for gamers. Hopefully you’ll find that Player 2 that can help fill that co-op / multiplayer void. Happy hunting/gaming!