Am I Vulnerable to Vulturing?

Vulturing is currently the most feared dating trend. Girls should be aware of people who circle around a wounded prey like a vulture, sensing when your relationship has gone kaput. That’s their cue to swoop in, using your fragile and detrimental relationship to pick you up and use you. Being a vulture is synonymous with being a fuckboy (we’ve already gone over how to identify one of those, remember), they’ll be circling around lots of girls. This scenario is called ‘Vulturing’.


Swoop and Break

Sometimes people can sense if a relationship is about to end, and they might follow and observe you to find that precise time to manipulate and entice their prey – when they identify the breakup – they make their move to be able to date them or just sleep with them.


Feels like Dating Two Personalities

This situation is kind of like Penn Badgley’s character in Netflix series You, but a lot less psychotic and more on the lines of identifying vulnerabilities and attaching to damaged people for personal pleasures. The vultures have this stench of desperation emanating from their core being. And they also show a sense of shame like the actual vultures.


Weird BreakUps and Love Bombers

Vultures will definitely bomb your fragile love relationship and make your breakup as ugly as it can be. They thrive upon the relationship’s weaknesses and cause communicative havoc purposely. If the relationship bond is strong, then it gets difficult for them to break but they will surely prompt you towards self-sabotage and make things awkward with your soon-to-be ex.


Social Media ‘Like’ Mania

These are extremely smart and conniving individuals, who will stalk you on Facebook and Instagram. They will start ‘liking’ your posts and shower as much attention as possible towards you. If you respond positively to those ‘likes’, they will take that cue and start strategizing their next steps to bowl you over.


Charming Acquaintance

Charm is one of their tactics to entice you. They will purposely run into you and act up all charming and interesting. It’s a simple strategy of positioning themselves as available, friendly and tempting – so they can be viewed as an enticing option.


Sometimes they have a partner and you become the secret in their life

It’s quite insulting, actually. They’re treating you like you’re their back-up plan. This is usually the case with vulturing – they might show you that they are a little bold and they are already in a relationship. But, things aren’t going well with their current flame and they want try some spark with you. If you identify this, then you should value your self-respect and not go along with this ‘thing’.


They Manipulate your friends

This is quite common with vulturing, they will target your friends and push them to find more things about you, like what’s going on in your life and find things about your past relationships. The situation is quite weird, as the vultures are not man enough to make their move, but they will hide in the shadows and let your friends do all the work.


Once you identify vulturing, you need to immediately cut ties with such a person. Take support of your friends and family. Vulturing usually takes place when you are most vulnerable, so it is important to always keep a positive circle of people around you. There is no need to be succulent for these vultures.