10 Ways To Tell If a Girl Is Single

So, there’s that one girl that has been catching your attention but you are not sure if she is single or not. She’s cute, great to hang out with, and totally seems like girlfriend material, or maybe even “SituationShipAble” – and yes, this will be added to The Dating Dictionary very soon But it’s kind of hard to read her, so you are not 100% sure if she is single or not, and you would not want to come off as a creep and ask her the big one straight away without having some evidence to back up your presumption. So guys and gals, take notes, grab your Sherlock hats and be ready to step into the detective world of singledom or SingleOlogy or something like that. Here we have created the top 10 ways to tell if a girl is single. 

She’s not entirely trusting of you (or other people she could be attracted to)

Now this may sound kind of sexist but it is not that they specifically dislike the sex that they are attracted to, it may be that they were just hurt very recently. It is very possible that they may think that people are always just trying to hit on her or romanticize her, and it’s possible she may have her barriers up. This will become obvious if she seems to be a bit physically distant from the sex that she likes, (i.e. she will avoid boys if she was hurt by a boy). So tread carefully and do not put pressure on her to talk to you, don’t worry if she starts leaving you on read for the time being; better for her to get comfortable with you or simply give her some space. 

She may believe that love does not exist and it is all a fantasy

Again this could be because this girl is recently single and probably did not have a good breakup. It’s possible she had her heart broken or is simply disillusioned with romance for many reasons. A way this can be obvious is that she may look at or speak about couples and relationships with disdain. If you catch her doing these things it’s possible she is single. 

She displays a stronger self-confidence

And the keyword here is stronger self-confidence because we are not implying that a girl that is single is automatically confident and when in a relationship she is not, just that single girls tend to become accustomed to their single life and generally grow to appreciate their own time and goals. A way to see if a girl is displaying confidence is by merely seeing how she carries herself and if you are talking to her, ask her about her goals, it’s very likely she now has many more big ones. 

She talks with everyone and is super friendly, but not because she is looking for a partner. 

This can be seen by how she is with people and how she likes to make conversations with them, even if they are the sexes that she likes. Now, you may be saying to yourself, but guys didnt you just say that she will try and avoid the sex that she likes? If she has accepted the situation it is very likely that now she is more open to people of all sexes. So if she is very friendly and open to having conversations with more people, don’t wait and go and start talking to her! 

She makes a lot of posts on social media.

They can either be of herself or something she likes, but there is totally an increase in social media posting. She may post pictures of herself in order to attract superficial attention and boost her ego, so sunlight pictures and stories could be a great give away. Now attracting attention should never be demonized, because hey, we all like compliments, there is nothing wrong about posting a selfie and letting the world and those exes know what they are missing. Single girls are proud and beautiful, so if you see a girl posting many selfies that are of only her and her friends, then you can be sure she is single. 

She’s dressing better and trying out new looks. 

Microblading, lash lifting, new hair cut, or even a brand new tan (out of the bottle of course), could be a dead give away that she is indeed single. A post-break-up glow up is very common. Now do not get too excited and think that only because she is looking her best she is looking for a partner, no, it is very possible that she just wants to look her very best, and that is okay. Still do not fret, go and talk to her, compliment her even, and see where things go from there. 

She develops new hobbies and she signs up to new and exciting activities. 

Now, this can either be some new yoga class, pilates, or even Eventbrite business events. New hobbies are exciting, and taking on new and healthy activities is good for both mental and physical health. So if she talks about new hobbies or activities, you can take an educated guess that she is single. 

She shares a lot more memes than she used to. 

This one is pretty funny but very true. For some weird reason, it becomes more common for girls to have either more humour or either more time to share funny memes that they like. We do not know which is the most correct but there is a correlation between meme sharing and singledom. So if she is sharing memes on her story or to you via DM, then she is probably single. 

She likes to party 

Being that when in a relationship, it is very common that many girls will not go out as much. This isn’t because they’re boring, but because they prefer being with their special someone doing many other things that would not necessarily be partying. So for this reason, if you see a girl that is constantly out partying with her friends or even alone, then you can probably assume correctly that she is single. 


She is on a dating app (you’d hope this

Well this one is pretty obvious but sometimes is not 100% accurate. It is very common for couples now to be on dating apps, they usually are looking for other swinger couples or unicorns. So always make sure to read the bio to see if they are looking for something more. However, a great dating app where you can find single girls near you is CLiKD where you can find girls based on your interests. Try it out! 


We wish you the best of luck out there searching for love and for that single girl! If our blog helped you get that girl, let us know!